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School's Largest College Gets a New Dean

June 11, 2014

As of June 1, Sheryl Fontaine is the new dean of the Cal State Fullerton College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the largest of the school’s colleges.

Fontaine served as interim dean for about a year. Her goals for the college are primarily supporting faculty research and teaching, creating a strong identity for the college and offering the best education possible to students using both large classes and smaller, more high-impact education.

Creating an identity for the college is a particularly challenging task for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, which has more programs and departments than any other college on campus. All of these diverse groups must be united under a single vision.

Though she only took up the role of interim dean about a year ago, Fontaine has been with CSUF for 23 years, having joined in 1990. Fontaine previously was a professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics.

Fontaine has a passion for writing, and particularly enjoyed teaching composition during her years as a professor at CSUF. In particular, she enjoys the work she has done in writing centers throughout her career.

“There’s something that happens when you write that doesn’t happen when you speak. That’s the part of writing that I most enjoy and that I think is the most maddening for those who write,” Fontaine said. “As you write, something changes in your thinking, in the relationships between the things you’re thinking about. When you get it done, you’ve made sense in a way that you couldn’t have had you not written about it.” Continue reading the article in the Orange County Register.

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