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Animators Bask in Glow of 'Frozen's' Box-Office and Oscar Success

March 26, 2014

The world is “Frozen”-obsessed and Cal State Fullerton alum Wayne Unten, who served as animation supervisor for the character of Elsa in the Disney film, doesn’t have to look far to realize it.

“You hear all the YouTube clips and people singing the songs and kids singing the songs – I feel like that’s where my joy comes from,” said Unten, who graduated from CSUF in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in art-entertainment and illustration. In fact, Unten’s daughters Emily, 5, and Amelia, 2, are huge fans of the film’s hit song “Let It Go.”

The film was recently awarded Academy Awards for animated feature film and original song.

“The audience – the people who we make these movies for – they love it,” Unten, 34, said of the film. “Winning the Oscar was the confirmation. It was the cherry on top. I was excited that it won.” Read the full article online.

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