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Impact Reaches Far Beyond Believers

First of a Three-Part Series of Religion With Benjamin Hubbard, Prof. Emeritus of Comparative Religion

April 1, 2014

Whether or not you are a believer, religion will have an impact on your world. The debates over abortion, contraceptive coverage in Obamacare, global warming, teaching evolution in public schools and gay rights all intersect with the faith factor.

If you agree with renowned biologist Richard Dawkins or comedian Bill Maher, religion is a disaster that has been a source of far more human misery than joy. If you side with Pope Francis or Pastor Rick Warren, it has been the source of peace of soul and immense philanthropy.

Many of us might find ourselves somewhere in the center of the discussion – aware of the vast potential of faith to heal wounded hearts, fight bigotry and feed hungry children – yet also conscious that terrorism, ethnic persecution and bigotry have religious roots.

In any case, the world’s religions are hugely influential in the lives of many millions of adherents. Yet, in the arenas of government, business, medicine and education, religion’s power is often discounted.

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