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Giacumakis: Disputed Claims Clutter Easter Mediterranean Lands

Feb. 6, 2014

The contemporary Middle East is a mixture of nations, ethnicities and religions. Each nation and people justifies ownership of lands on the basis of their history and their control of areas going back many centuries.

This column and another next week will take a look at the key events that brought about the borders and nations in the eastern Mediterranean area of the Middle East, with a focus on the Israeli and Palestinian lands.

The land between the world's powers

The eastern Mediterranean area of the Middle East has continuously been the land between the super powers of Eastern Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa.

Powerful military kingdoms and river valley empires, such as ancient Assyria, Babylonia and Egypt, desired to conquer the land between them in order to control the trade routes of three continents as well as slave traffic. One could always find a market to the upper classes of society for youthful men and women.

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