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Spreading a Healthy Message

April 24, 2014

Cal State Fullerton’s Student Health and Counseling Center offers a myriad options for students to become involved and learn about healthy lifestyles.

Members of the Peer Health University Network, or PHUN, a student-based volunteer organization, work to educate their fellow CSUF peers about healthy behaviors and practices.

“We’re trying to present important health topics in a way that’s more entertaining than just handing out fliers at a table,” said Kerri Boyd, health educator and PHUN Hut coordinator.

Peer Health hosts interactive games and events at the PHUN Hut, an information station that spreads awareness on various health topics ranging from alcohol and drug abuse, the consequences of driving while distracted and spring break safety, among others. Health topics change every two weeks.

The PHUN Hut is active on the CSUF campus five days a week, and it changes location every day in order to be more visible on campus, Boyd said.

Peer Health University Network is made up of 90 consistent members – 50 of who are involved in the PHUN Hut, Boyd said.

“I joined because I’m really into health and I want to be a nutritionist, so I felt like it was a great opportunity to learn more about health topics and be able to educate students and myself,” said Susie Toxqui, 21, a Peer Health member and health science student.

According to Boyd, the PHUN Hut has had more than 6,000 visitors since its formation in September. Read the full article  online

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