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Longest-Separated Twins Find Each Other

May 2, 2014

Imagine delving into your family history and discovering you have a twin. That's what happened to Ann Hunt, a 78-year-old, who had no idea she had a sibling at all until last year.

Now she and twin Elizabeth Hamel have met for the first time since they were babies - setting a new world record.

"Lizzie, Lizzie, how lovely," said Ann when she finally got to hug her sister.

"How lovely to see you in the flesh," said Elizabeth.

On 1 May 2014, a year after that first conversation and 78 years after they were separated, Ann and Elizabeth were reunited in Fullerton, near Los Angeles, on Thursday - the longest gap on record, Guinness World Records says.

They were invited to the city by Dr Nancy Segal, a psychologist who has been  researching twins  for more than two decades.

Twins who have been brought up separately are of great interest to scientists examining inherited or genetic influences on behaviour. Segal will be looking for similarities and differences during a two-day study, and carrying out DNA analysis to establish whether they are identical or non-identical (fraternal) twins.

"What was it in their life that caused the differences? If they're fraternal, it could be character as well as circumstance," Segal says. Read the full article  online .

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