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CSUF professor explains why a good night's rest is important to health

April 7, 2014

We’re all guilty of it. The glow of a cellphone close to your face as you doze off. The flickering television screen as you lie in bed.
“You really want your bed to be a place where you sleep,” Monica Coto, Ph.D., a psychology professor at CSUF, said.
Reading, eating, watching TV or staring at a cellphone screen while in bed “decreases the association between bed and sleep,” she said. “It makes it harder for your mind to associate the bed with sleep.”

According to an international poll conducted in 2013 by the National Sleep Foundation, people in the United States sleep an average of six hours, 31 minutes on work nights. About 56 percent reported they get less sleep than needed on workdays; 44 percent reported they receive a good night’s sleep almost every night.

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