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Baseball A Legacy For Grasshoppers Catcher Chad Wallach

June 4, 2014

GREENSBORO, NC — Father's Day is coming in 10 short days.

And on that Sunday, like a lot of sons, Chad Wallach will think back and remember learning about baseball from his dad. The game is a treasure to the Wallachs, a family heirloom passed down from father to three sons.

This year, Father's Day falls on the last day before the South Atlantic League All-Star break. And the youngest of the three Wallach sons will represent the Greensboro Grasshoppers at the game in Hickory, starting at catcher for the Northern Division team.

Like his father before him, 22-year-old Chad Wallach is an All-Star.

Tim Wallach made five National League All-Star teams during a 17-year playing career with the Montreal Expos and Los Angeles Dodgers. He won three Gold Glove and two Silver Slugger awards at third base, finishing in the top-20 in NL MVP voting three times.

A longtime coach with the Dodgers, Wallach, 56, still ranks as all-time hits leader for the Expos/Nationals franchise, finishing his career with 2,085 hits, 260 home runs and 1,125 RBIs.

But to sons Matt, Brett and Chad — who have all played in the minor leagues — he's just dad.

And dad coached the Yorba Linda Aztecs, a travel baseball team in California all three Wallach boys played for from ages 9 to 13.

"It was fun to play for the same team my brothers had played for. And it was really nice having my dad coach," Chad Wallach said. "... He's pretty laid back, a real player's coach. He was never too hard on anybody. He was a little tougher on me because I was his son and he didn't want to play favorites. But he wasn't a yeller. He's a great teacher. He knows the game so well, and he can explain it in easy terms that makes it seem so simple."

It's a skill that has served Tim Wallach well with the Dodgers. He has managed in the minor leagues, coached at his — and Chad's — alma mater Cal State Fullerton, and spent the last four seasons on the Dodgers big-league coaching staff, this year as manager Don Mattingly's bench coach.

"My dad played most of his career before I was born, so I don't have many memories of that," Chad Wallach said. "But he also coached when I was younger, and it was just awesome being a little kid growing up around the game. ... I got to go in the Dodgers clubhouse and hang out with some of the guys, a lot of really great players. All the history that was in there was awesome to be around." Continue reading the original article.

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