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No Surprises: More Pollutant Near Freeway, First Numbers Show

May 15, 2014

Confirming previous scientific reports and popular assumptions, the region’s first freeway-adjacent air-quality monitoring device has shown that one pollutant is more concentrated next to the freeway than farther away.

Though the results come from one monitor off I-5 in theDisneyland Resort area, researchers and health advocates said they are likely representative of other regional arterial streets or highways.

While the results indicate a pollutant level well below the federal standard, some caution against building next to major roadways, living next to those areas and continuing to use high-emission vehicles.

Jane Hall, an environmental-economics expert at Cal State Fullerton, said the results are unsurprising. She’s long cautioned people against living next to freeways, she said. Read the full article online.

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