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Student Engineer Builds No. 1 Robotic Race Car

May 21, 2014

Ye Lu, a master's student in electrical engineering, won first place in a recent collegiate competition with his robotic car, "Team 10."

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Electrical engineering graduate student Ye Lu and his robotic car, "Team 10," took first place at the recent 2014 Grand PrIEEE Competition for line-following autonomous cars at UC San Diego. Students from CSUF, UC San Diego, UCLA and UC Santa Barbara and 18 robotic cars participated in the competition.

"It's an honor for me and the University. We are proving to other universities that CSUF's student electrical engineers are well-educated and can compete on par with other top institutions," said Lu.

The objective of the competition was to design and build an autonomous race car that could negotiate a preset course in the shortest possible time. The cars must follow a track marked by white tape on a dark carpet. A wire under the tape is driven with an electrical current, which the robotic cars follow. Not only was "Team 10" the best able to negotiate the preset course, it also sped its way to the finish line as the fastest car in the competition.

Lu and other CSUF engineering students will compete this Saturday, May 24, in the Natcar competition at UC Davis.

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