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Campus Names New Emeriti

Aug. 21, 2014

President Mildred García has conferred the title of dean emeritus of the College of the Arts on Joseph Arnold ,in recognition of his 41 years of service to the University, and director emeritus of development for the College of the Arts on Milly Heaton , in recognition of her 12 years of service on campus.

Also recently honored as emeriti are:

  • Joel Cotter, performing arts stage technician II emeritus, for 31 years of campus service
  • Carole Cotter, performing arts stage technician III emeritus, in recognition of 21 years of service
  • Ellen Dumond, professor emeritus of management, for 23 years of service
  • Kathleen Frazee, administrative support coordinator emeritus, honoring her 30 years of campus service
  • Thomas Johnson, professor emeritus of management, recognizing 31 years of service
  • Elliot Kushell, professor emeritus of management, honoring his 35 years of campus service
  • Andrew D. Luzi, professor emeritus of accounting, recognizing 24 years of service
  • Donna R. Padgett, lecturer emeritus of reading, for 21 years of service
  • Christopher R. Petruzzi, professor emeritus of accounting, honoring 25 years of service
  • Betty Snell, professor emeritus of nursing, recognizing 10 years of service
  • Joseph Weber, associate professor emeritus of sociology, honoring his 12 years of service

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