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Meet Ryan Gottfredson

Focus on Leadership and Performance

Sept. 29, 2014

Ryan Gottfredson's academic career started to jell when he took a high school sports management course. He didn't know it then, but leadership would become a focus of research for the assistant professor of management.

"I started reading leadership books in high school, never thinking that there was a career that focused solely on the study of leadership," explains Gottfredson, who joined Cal State Fullerton this fall.

When he discovered that leadership was an important component of business, he was hooked.

He attended Brigham Young University where he earned a bachelor's in business management, then traveled to Indiana University where he completed his doctorate in organizational behavior and human resource management with a minor in social psychology. His doctoral thesis was titled "Pruning and Refining Leadership Theories Through Meta-analytic Structural Equation Modeling."

"If leaders want their employees to succeed at their highest levels, they need to value those employees. Thus, how leaders treat their employees is critical to the long-term success of the organization," he says.

Gottfredson's research interests, in addition to leadership, are performance management and employee perceptions.

"Companies and leaders tend to undervalue their people," he explains. "Great leaders understand that in order to be an effective leadership they must build and develop positive relationships with their employees."

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