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Cal State Fullerton Welcomes Korean Delegation

University Presidents Formalize Student Exchanges, Research Collaborations

July 10, 2014

Cal State Fullerton's international connections continue to get stronger through its latest agreement with South Korea's Pyeongtaek University.

On July 9, Cal State Fullerton President Mildred García met with Pyeongtaek University President Ki-Hung Cho to formalize an agreement of student exchanges and collaboration between the two universities.

Since the signing of a 2012 memorandum of understanding, members of Cal State Fullerton's Department of Social Work has been working with the Korean university on plans for collaborating on research projects and developing a student exchange/study abroad program.

Mikyong Kim-Goh, professor of social work, and other department faculty members have been working the Pyeongtaek University's Graduate School of Social Work on a research effort funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea.

The project culminated in April with a three-day workshop in Seoul attended by Stella W. Ting-Toomey, professor of human communication studies and Kim-Goh.

"President Cho feels a special affinity to Cal State Fullerton, although he had never visited our campus," said Kim-Goh. "After the recent workshop, he expressed a strong interest in visiting our campus this summer to cement our partnerships."

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