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Incoming Faculty Members Welcomed to Campus

Aug. 19, 2014

President Mildred García this week welcomed 60 new members of the tenure-track faculty at convocation and at a dinner held in their honor. The newly-hired faculty members, all assistant professors and beginning Aug. 18, except where noted, are:


Rebecca Campbell, assistant professor of art

Business and Economics

Bachman Fulmer, assistant professor of accounting
Sarah Fulmer, assistant professor of accounting 
Jennifer Howard, assistant professor of accounting
Wonik Choi, assistant professor of accounting 
Gagan Ghosh, assistant professor of economics
Jianren Xu, assistant professor of finance
Jongha Lim, assistant professor of finance
James Primbs, associate professor of finance
Rommel Salvador, assistant professor of management
Ryan Gottfredson, assistant professor of management
Naser Nikandish, assistant professor of management
Ruixia Shi, assistant professor of management
David Locander, assistant professor of marketing


Claudia Anguiano, assistant professor of human communication studies
Garrett Hart, chair and professor of radio-TV-film
Micheal McAlexander, associate professor of communications
Daniel Sutko, assistant professor of human communication studies


Brad Biggs, assistant professor of reading
Kenneth Gonzalez, professor of educational leadership
Antoinette Linton, assistant professor of secondary education
Fernando Rodriguez-Valls, associate professor of secondary education

Engineering and Computer Science

Yoonsuk Choi, assistant professor of computer engineering
Kristijan Kolozvari, assistant professor of civil engineering
Sudarshan Kurwadkar, assistant professor of civil engineering
Joel Lanning, assistant professor of civil engineering
Salvador Mayoral, assistant professor of mechanical engineering
Joseph Piacenza, assistant professor of mechanical engineering
Deepak Sharma, assistant professor of civil engineering
Abhishek Verma, assistant professor of computer science

Health and Human Development

Pablo Costa, associate professor of kinesiology
Koren Fisher, assistant professor of kinesiology
Dennis Kao, assistant professor of social work
Rachel McClanahan, assistant professor of nursing
Claudia Pineda, assistant professor of child and adolescent studies
Toby Rider, assistant professor of kinesiology
Asma Taha, associate professor of nursing
Diana Tisnado, associate professor of health science

Humanities and Social Sciences

Dustin Abnet, assistant professor of American studies
Shweta Adur, assistant professor of women and gender studies
Dydia DeLyser, assistant professor of geography
Xhercis Mendez, assistant professor of women and gender studies
Tyler Parry, assistant professor of African American studies
Zia Salim, assistant professor of geography
Nicole Seymour, assistant professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics
Yan Xiao, assistant professor of political science
Andre Zampaulo, assistant professor of modern languages and literatures

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Joseph Carlin, assistant professor of geological sciences
Amanda Evans, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry
Leigh Hargreaves, assistant professor of physics
Valbone Memeti, assistant professor of geological sciences
Thomas Murphy, assistant professor of mathematics
Alexandra Orchard, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry
Erin Paig-Tran, assistant professor of biological science
Matthew Rathbun, assistant professor of mathematics

Pollak Library

Jennifer O'Neil, senior assistant librarian, technical services

Officially starts Oct. 6

Maria Soledad-Ramirez, assistant professor of biological science

Officially start Jan. 15, 2015

Joshua Der, assistant professor of biological science
Reza Ramezan, assistant professor of mathematics
Ryan Walter, assistant professor of biological science

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