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Fullerton soccer team boasts an island Titan

August 11. 2014

Marco Fenelus was 12 years old and thought nothing of the ceaseless rain that drenched him as he dribbled a soccer ball through the streets of Haiti. All that mattered was his bare feet getting that ball through the two rocks serving as a goal.

But the downpour’s rage grew on that 2004 mid-September afternoon. And as his mother screamed for her son to come home, he began to understand.

Fenelus and his family fled to higher ground, while Hurricane Jeanne leveled the island and submerged their home. Flooding and mudslides killed more than 3,000 people, including some of Fenelus’ family and friends.

“It destroyed everything,” he said. “It destroyed some houses, and you could find dead bodies in some of the houses.” To read more about this Cal State Fullerton soccer player continue reading the Orange County Register.

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