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Alumna found her future in the past

August 25. 2014

When alumna Daniell Whittington was a child, her parents took her to visit ruins in Sicily. That’s when she was bitten by the history bug.

Her passion grew as she got older. At CSUF, she delved into her history studies. “I took a class and thought it was a fluke, then I took another class and thought, ‘No, this is where I need to be,’” Whittington said. Class by class, she became convinced that her future was studying the past.

Whittington has her master’s in history from CSUF and is one of three curators for “The Great War: A Community Remembrance of the First World War, 1914-1918,” which is on display in the Pollak Library through Sept. 25.

The First World War is often called the Great War because of the number of nations involved and the shared carnage, which was unprecedented at the time. It’s estimated that 10 million combatants were killed and 20 million wounded.

Whittington’s primary area of focus is 12th-century Germany, but through the WWI project, she has gained knowledge about wartime medical practices and the human cost of war – the deaths and the limbs lost.

We asked Whittington a few questions about her love of history, and what she hopes we can learn from the past. Finish reading the complete article.

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