Jack Yufe Dies at 82; He Was Raised Jewish, His Identical Twin as a Nazi

It sounded like a tabloid headline: Identical twins separated after birth. One grew up Jewish, the other a Nazi.

But the story of Jack Yufe and his brother was not just about their stark differences.

After decades and oceans apart, the men came together as adults to learn they dressed alike, walked alike, and had the same hot temper and quirks, including a fondness for scaring others with an explosively loud sneeze.

They both read books from back to front, loved butter and spicy food and flushed the toilet before they used it.

“They were a great example of how twins, despite different environments, ended up being very much alike,” said Cal State Fullerton psychology professor Nancy Segal, who studied the brothers as part of a well-known Minnesota research project on separated twins. Continue reading.

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Segal is the author of mutiple books about twins, including “Indivislble by Two: Lives of Extrordinary Twins," a collection of essays, including the story of these twin brothers. 

Indivisible by Two,
“Indivisible by Two,”

Her other books include "Someone Else’s Twin,” which focuses on twins switched at birth in the Canary Islands; “Entwined Lives: Twins and What They Tell Us About Human Behavior,” and "Born Together-Reared Apart: The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study."


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