Amazon Series Adds to Fame That Eluded OC Author Philip K. Dick While He Was Alive

Does society’s affection for technology and leading online lives with multiple personalities while fearing a lack of privacy make fans more appreciative of author Philip K. Dick’s ideas? Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle (2015)” series debuts on Amazon Prime Nov. 20, and is based on the 1962 novel of the same name.

“There’s something there in PKD’s work that speaks to our fears of being continually watched, of watching ourselves, of perhaps not being human anymore but only peddling in identities that are commodified and controlled,” says David Sandner, professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, and an expert in science-fiction and fantasy literature.

“Our society has become only more alienating, paranoid and uncanny since he wrote, and so he seems to tell us something about trying, perhaps futilely, to be human today,” he said.

Sandner and a group of his students in 2014 created Philip K. Dick in the OC— a website dedicated to the decade the writer spent locally. Sandner is the author of "The Treasury of the Fantastic" with Jacob Weisman of Tachyon Publications.

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