CSUF Archery Club Members Embrace the Mental Challenge

The trick is to think without thinking at all. To be focused yet relaxed. To be invested but not overly emotional.

Cal State Fullerton archery coach Karl Keranen, a veteran of national and international competition, teaches those principles to the members of Fullerton’s club team.

“He’ll tell us to aim more with our bodies and less with our eyes,” junior Christian Concha said.

Relying on muscle memory is critical in archery, as Keranen said the sport is roughly 70 percent mental. Athletes learn to develop mental acuity as they progress within the program, as many begin with little to no experience. All that’s required is interest, time commitment and member dues ($35 club sports fee and a $20 archery club fee, both per semester).

Athletes also learn the ins and outs of the sport. They are taught proper safety techniques and begin shooting up close at first. With time, they scoot back to 18 meters, the standard distance for indoor competition.

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