Most Influential 2015: Becky Nguyen

Becky Nguyen

CSUF graduate Becky Nguyen led a campaign to reduce the number of smokers in Little Saigon. Photo courtesy of Becky Nguyen.

Role: Executive director of the nonprofit Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation

Bio: Nguyen was born in Vietnam. She and her family moved to Orange County in the late 1980s and has stayed close to the Little Saigon area ever since. She has a bachelor’s degree in public health from Cal State Fullerton and a master’s in public administration from Cal State Long Beach.

Why she’s an influencer: Nguyen led an effort by the Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation and the nonprofit Boat People S.O.S. to reduce the number of smokers in the Little Saigon community; lung cancer is the No. 1 killer among Vietnamese-Americans. Her group also started screenings for Hepatitis B and C. She pushes for more communication about health in typically taciturn Little Saigon.

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