Lessons Learned: Wisdom From a College PR Class

Alison Hill wrote: As I mentioned a few months ago in this space, I have been teaching a class in Entertainment PR this semester at California State University, Fullerton. My students have been lucky enough to hear from a number of stellar guest speakers over the past several weeks, including Yvonne Graham from Disney ABC Television Group, John Rozak of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Brad Jashinsky and Leidy Arevalo of Knott’s Berry Farm, Vanessa Kromer from Nederlander Concerts and journalist Ray Richmond. While my guests individually shared valuable information specific to their very different areas of the entertainment PR field, they also—unbeknownst to each other—discussed a number of common themes and offered similar pieces of advice during their talks. 

Since the “rule of three” in journalism suggests that examples that come in threes are inherently truer, more satisfying, funnier, or stronger, I figured my own rule of six demanded that I share these pearls of wisdom with you. These, of course, were addressed to young people hoping just to break into the field of entertainment PR, but I think they also serve as excellent reminders to all of us long-timers.

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