New CSUF Center Elevates Cybersecurity Studies

When a stranger is at your door, do you casually step aside and allow them to enter your home without knowing anything about them or their reason for visiting? Or do you require the person at your door to identify themselves and state the purpose for their visit?

Cal State Fullerton computer science student Mourad Kordab says this is the same scenario an individual is presented with when they enter personal information into an unknown website, software program or application.

As an aspiring expert in the field, Kordab is part of the CSUF College of Engineering and Computer Science's new Center for Cybersecurity.

“When you are using (the Internet), you are opening and closing doors between that world and you,” he said.

“When you open the door, you are giving access to them – you have to be careful. You have to keep that in mind.”

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