García: We Don't Have to Look Far to See Impact of Educators

It has been noted, perhaps most famously by Henry Adams, that good educators affect eternity in that the success of their graduates can, at least in some way, be attributed to their efforts.

I know this to be true, particularly since becoming president of an institution with more than a quarter of a million alumni. By sheer numbers alone, no matter where I am in Orange County, I am always blessed to be around our graduates – whether it be a chance meeting at the grocery store or a planned retreat with the Alumni Board. And regardless of setting or circumstance, the first thing alumni want to discuss is the tremendous impact a certain professor had on their lives.

This passion underscores the ongoing and eternal role our faculty and staff play in the professional and personal success of our graduates. Evidence of this is widespread throughout Orange County, where the majority of our graduates work, and, by mid-career, earn a median salary that is $10,000 higher than the national average for graduates from public universities. While this speaks to both the “private good” our alumni experience and the “public good” they bring to Orange County, I was recently reminded of the tangible and transformative effect it has here on campus. Continue reading.



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