Titan Voice: A Good First Step Helped Me Find My Major

Starting my freshman year at CSUF, I was confident about my declared major. Instead of easing into campus life, I committed fully to seek out opportunities available to students. The significant first step I made was signing up with CSUF Freshman Programs.

Through participation in this gateway to learning communities for freshmen, I have enhanced my social, leadership and study skills. The staff members in Freshman Programs seek to develop and encourage incoming freshmen to get involved and excel during their first year at college.

Thinking back to the beginning of my first year as a Titan, I felt lost, anxious, excited and overwhelmed on a new campus. I looked for a place to feel comfortable and one that would be a good fit for me. My worries disappeared when I stepped inside the doors of the Freshman Programs’ “Lava Lounge.” It was a place that helped me understand that I was not alone, where I gained support and encouragement to keep pushing forward, especially during the semester when I could not see an end in sight. Continue reading.

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