Rebecca Wilson Finishes her CSUF Soccer Career as One of the Program’s Top Performers

Rebecca Wilson couldn’t always see, but she could always score.

“I used to be blind as a bat,” said the Cal State Fullerton forward, who began playing at age 5 and wore glasses.

“I used to wear goggles and I used to get made fun of a lot. And then I’d score goals and the parents and all the teams would shut up. That was my way of talking back.”

Wilson didn’t play on the ultracompetitive club teams that bred the next so-and-so. With a mother who had run track and a father who had played basketball, she taught herself soccer. Through trial and error she learned to kick a ball with her toe; and to rocket the ball past goalkeepers into the back of the net.

Though she no longer dons goggles, the Placentia native who competed for El Dorado High School still relies on the same instinct she did as a kid: She knows where to find the goal and the goal rarely denies her.

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