Benjamin J. Hubbard: Light Conquers Darkness

Benjamin J. Hubbard

We are in the season of lights – Hanukkah, Christmas close at hand, Kwanzaa approaching, holiday lights everywhere. But we have also experienced a season of darkness which afflicted that most lightsome of cities, Paris, and now has brought the darkness of terror to San Bernardino.

How did Paris respond? With the courage to return to its vibrant life, with the concert by Bono joined for a song by the Coachella Valley's Eagles of Death Metal, and with sparkling lights on the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and throughout the city.

How has San Bernardino responded? With an immense show of support from civic leaders throughout the state, from ordinary citizens pledging moral and financial support, and from religious leaders of every faith – Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

This is how a great city and a great country respond to evil – with acts of loving kindness, with light that conquers darkness. And despite some hateful words and deeds directed against Muslim Americans by extremists, many other Americans have pledged to protect and support their Muslim neighbors.

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