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Grants and Contracts Fund Teacher Education, Student Success Efforts and Research

April 6, 2015

Campus members have garnered more than $1 million in grants and contracts during the third academic quarter ending March 31. Funding included:

Daniel S. Choi, associate professor of educational leadership: $258,461 in first-year funding from the Rancho Santiago Community College for "CSU Fullerton Teacher Pathway Partnership."

Claire Cavallaro, dean of the College of Education, Kristin Stang, professor of special education, and Jennifer Ponder, chair and associate professor of elementary and bilingual education: $229,492 from the California State University Office of the Chancellor and the S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation for "Titan PRIDE."

David K. Chenot, chair and professor of social work: $143,000 contract from the Regents of the University of California for the CalSwec Mental Health Project.

Kiran George, associate professor of computer engineering: $100,000 award from the Disability Communications Fund for "Low-Cost Brain Computer Interface."

Mark W. Ellis, professor of secondary education: $85,000 CSU Foundation grant for "Pathways to New STEM Teacher Excellence."

Maria C. Grant, professor of secondary education: $85,000 CSU Foundation-Boeing Company grant for "Building Capacity for STEM Education: Informal Science Institutes Collaborative." Related item: Promoting Science Beyond the Classroom

Natalie Tran, associate professor of education: $62,500 from Highline School District for "Vietnamese Literacy Project."

Ruth H. Yopp-Edwards and Andrea Guillaume, professors of elementary and bilingual education: $61,830 from Fullerton School District for "Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment." Related article: Education Professors Offer Guidance and Support to K-12 Teachers

Shari McMahan, vice provost: $50,000 from the CSU Chancellor's Office for "State Systems Transformation CO-Creation Participation (Preparing to Scale High Impacted Practices)."

Joshua S. Yang, assistant professor of health science: $47,322 University of California, San Diego award for "E-Cigarette Use Among College Students and the Effects of Different Campus Policies." Related article: The Environmental Costs of Tobacco

Dorothy S. Woolum, professor emeritus of physics: $25,000 California Institute of Technology award for "Elemental Analysis of Solar Wind and Technical Enabling of Genesis Objectives."

Paul T. Stapp, professor of biological science: $21,470 from the Eppley Foundation for Research for "Immunocontraception as a Tool for Management of Free-Ranging American Bison" and $20,000 from the Bernice Barbour Foundation for "Efficacy of a Non-Lethal Immuno-Contraception Approach to Manage American Bison on Catalina Island." Related: Grad Student Studying Management of Catalina Bison

Michele M. Wood, associate professor of health science: $18,000 award from the University of Kentucky Research Foundation for "Tsunami Message Testing." Related: Grant Funds Study of Emergency Text Messaging

Dennis Kao , assistant professor of social work: $17,339 from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston for "Elder Financial Exploitation Victimization: Identifying Unique Risk Profiles and Factors to Enhance Detection, Prevention and Intervention."

Christina A. Goode, professor of chemistry and biochemistry: $15,000 from University Enterprises, Inc. (CSU Sacramento) in support of "CSU-LSAMP," a program to increase disadvantaged students' preparedness, persistence and retention in STEM programs. Related: Encouraging Students to Consider STEM Studies

Dawn Macy, director of the Center for Internships and Community Engagement: $13,200 contract from Project Access Resource Centers for "Project Access Titan Tutors 2015-16."

Anthony Alvarez , assistant professor of sociology: $10,100 from Yale University in support of "A Pilot Study of Lending Circles and Financial Inclusion."

Morassa Danai, lecturer in economics: $10,000 contract from Cal State San Bernardino University Enterprises Corp. for "Economic Impact Analysis of Alliance California and San Bernardino International Airport."

Peter J. Fashing and Nga Nguyen, associate professors of anthropology: a $9,500 increase to their current Zoological Society of San Diego award for "Guassa Gelada Research Project."

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