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Students to Present Their Green Ideas at Water District Expo

April 21, 2015

Two Cal State Fullerton student projects will be presented next week during the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's 8th annual Spring Green Expo and 5th annual ECO Innovators Showcase, an April 30 program in Los Angeles.

Theary Monh, director of the Associated Students Inc. Committee on Environmental Sustainability, is among the team that created and will showcase the "Brown Is the New Green" campaign. The campaign seeks to increase awareness about the statewide drought by allowing select lawns to go brown around the Titan Student Union and the Student Recreation Center. Attached signage explains the drought and provides a link to water saving tips.

"We are so used to seeing water coming out of our faucet every day that we don't think there's ever going to be a day when it runs out," explains Monh, a senior chemistry major. "Since turf is not a native or drought-tolerant plant, it requires constant water to maintain. With two-thirds of our water just going to irrigation purposes, cutting out unused turf areas and switching to a drought-tolerant landscape will provide huge water savings."

The other Titan campaign being showcased is "The Sustainable Spartan Garden at Ladera Vista Middle School" led by students Cynthia Chavez, a graduate environmental studies major, and Andrew Shensky, a senior majoring in both anthropology and geography, under the direction of Sara Johnson, professor of anthropology. The outreach and research endeavor is part of the Urban Agriculture Community-Based Research Experience project and is used to teach and mentor middle school students about food waste, water conservation, organic farming and composting. The project also involves a software application that Ladera Vista students can use to record data on their garden and learn about how to garden at home.

The 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. program will feature seminars on California-friendly landscape, natural resources and growing your own food in drought conditions. More information is available on the Spring Green Expo website.

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