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Internships an Antidote for Commuting Blues

April 21, 2015

College was a bore, until it wasn't.

I remember it was my winter break of 2012. Most of my friends went to school out of state and would come home for the holidays. I was always excited for all of us to unite but also knew that by the end of the night I was going to regret getting together with them. The holiday break meant we would all share stories and talk about what was happening in our new college lives.

My friends would tell me all about their new lives in a new state – how they made new friends, had found new interests and their involvement with their school. Then I would be asked the dreadful question: “What’s going on with you?”

I was always embarrassed to answer. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t really have anything “going on.” I was still living at home, so that meant I was commuting to school. My college life was dull and routine. As a freshman and sophomore in college, I would wake up, drive to school, attend class, go to work and then go to bed. I wasn’t involved at Cal State Fullerton and hadn’t made friends since I started school.

The winter break of my sophomore year I sort of broke down. My friends were worried and asked why I wasn’t doing anything in college and if I was happy. I remember driving home extremely sad and angry thinking to myself “They don’t understand; I go to a commuter school.”

That night, I couldn’t sleep and made a promise to myself. I was going to change my college experience around. I was not going to regret my college years. The next day, I went crazy searching all over Cal State Fullerton’s website. I looked for anything and everything I could join, even if it hardly sparked an interest. Archery? I guess, count me in. Biking? I know how to ride a bike. Continue reading.

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