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CSUF Professor's Artifacts Bring Understanding to Ancient Civilization

March 31, 2015

Cal State Fullerton’s Carl Wendt is making news in the archaeology world for his leadership in exploring an ancient civilization in Mexico – and the discovery of a curious jade artifact that may offer a glimpse into the culture’s belief system and way of life.
He first visited Arroyo Pesquero, a tributary of the Tonalà and Tancochapa rivers in Mexico, in 2005. Since then, he estimates he has spent from 60 to 80 days at the site.

Wendt, a professor of anthropology and coordinator of the archaeology program at Cal State Fullerton, has been studying the Olmec culture for the past 20 years.

His research has led him to believe Arroyo Pesquero was a votive offering site for the Olmec people.

The story behind the Arroyo Pesquero site, located in southern Veracruz, goes back to 1969.

When a boy from a nearby town accidentally dropped a basin while collecting water, he dove into the stream to recover it. Instead of the basin, the boy found a black stone mask. Continue reading.

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