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5 Questions On the OC Clothesline Project

Dawn Foor Looks at T-Shirts and Sees People's Souls

Cal State Fullerton alumna Dawn Foor doesn’t just see an abundance of T-shirts hanging on a line during an Orange County Clothesline Project event. Instead, she sees people and each of their unique stories.

“To me, those shirts are like looking at people’s souls,” Foor said.

Foor is the supervisor of Community Service Programs (CSP) Sexual Assault Victim Services, which includes the Orange County Clothesline Project.

Since 2003, Foor -- who graduated from CSUF in 1972 with a bachelor’s degree in German -- has brought the project back to her alma mater annually.

This year, more than 850 shirts hung on the CSUF campus during the project’s April 29 visit.

Each shirt has been designed with a phrase or design that showcases the artist’s story of abuse.

While on display at CSUF, 17 individuals added shirts to the project, Foor said.

She hopes that passersby, regardless of whether they themselves were or are victims of abuse, will feel validated when they see the multicolored shirts on display at local college campuses.

“I hope that they feel happy that someone got to shout it out to the world,” Foor said. “It is just a beautiful project -- it’s gorgeous.”

CSP is a nonprofit organization that focuses on aiding Orange County victims of sexual assault and abuse, as well as children, adults and families in the county who are involved with or at risk of involvement with the justice system.

The organization’s programs assist more than 111,000 people each year.

We asked Foor about the project that has been present in Orange County for nearly 15 years. Continue reading.

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