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Glimpses of the Class of 2015

When Christian Banas learned he had been accepted into Cal State Fullerton’s music program four years ago, he was taken aback.

After all, he hadn’t applied for entrance into the program – or had he?

Upon review of his application, Banas discovered that instead of checking the “kinesiology” option on his application as he had intended, he had mistakenly marked “music” as his choice of major.

Although Banas, who grew up in Rowland Heights, had been involved in school bands since fifth grade, he had no intention of pursuing music in college.

Never one to bow down from a challenge, he decided to stick with it for “one or two semesters,” Banas said.

“I was just happy I was going to college,” he said.

The 21-year-old is graduating Saturday from the university’s School of Music.

On the first day of classes his freshman year, Banas realized he couldn’t read any of the music in the book in front of him.

“I had no idea what I was doing, but I bought the books anyway,” he said. “It’s basically like learning a new language.”

His first semester, a professor recommended Banas look into pursuing a different major because he didn’t seem to be doing all that well in the program.

“It was one of the biggest blows I’ve ever had,” Banas said. “I had never been told I couldn’t do something.”

Banas decided he needed to prove to himself that he could succeed in the music program. Continue reading.

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