CSUF equestrian riders hooked on horses

There is a certain bond between horse and human that riders understand. The connection extends beyond the signals that a rider sends to her horse to move left, move right. It's the companionship between the two, the hours spent learning each other's tendencies and personalities, that is sacred.

"There's kind of a relationship that forms between you and your animal," Cal State Fullerton rider Luciana Martinez explained. "Because you are a team and you are working together."

Martinez, a sophomore this fall, has loved horses ever since she took her first steps. Her grandfather, who has lived on a ranch his entire life, taught her everything about horseback riding. Throughout childhood she grew attached to two horses of her own: Absolute Kernal, or Roany for short because he sports a red roan color; and Marley Blue, whose deep, dark coat glimmers shades of blue in the sun.

Martinez is a member of Fullerton's equestrian team, a club sport in operation since 2003. Though several members boast years of experience like Martinez, the team also welcomes those who have never ridden and those who aren't interested in competing but simply want to be around horses. Continue reading.

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