CSU Trustee Kelsey Brewer

Discusses the Value of Being Real

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Kelsey Brewer, CSUF Class of 2016

I was standing outside the San Jose International Airport on my way to a meeting when I received the call that would alter the course of my college career. It was the call I had waited five months for and after rummaging in my purse for the phone, I managed to pick it up on the last ring.

After a few moments, I began to dance around erratically, causing quite a scene, but in that moment I didn't care. He had chosen me. Gov. Jerry Brown had chosen me to serve 467,000 students as the new student trustee for the California State University Board of Trustees.

My next call was to my mentor, Dean of Students Tonantzin Oseguera. She had helped me through every step of the application and interview process, and this achievement was as much hers as it was mine. On the phone, we celebrated the five-month journey we had taken together and as we started to say goodbye, she reminded me, only half-jokingly, that the hard work was just beginning. As always, she was right. Continue reading

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