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A Titan Presence in Nepal

Kottler in country to assist recovery efforts of the nonprofit organization he founded.

The people of Nepal are focusing on basic needs right now – finding shelter, food and water; staying safe; and caring for family. Anything else, including processing the trauma that comes from experiencing a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, will come later, says Jeffrey Kottler.

Kottler, an American Counseling Association member and professor of counseling at California State University Fullerton, traveled to Nepal this week to join in the work of Empower Nepali Girls, the nonprofit organization he founded 15 years ago.

“We [have] provided tents for people living outside, treated 20 patients for a variety of medical problems and tried to soothe the children, many of whom are a wreck,” he wrote in his travel journal May 12. “I feel so helpless, trying to hold them, reassure them and ease their fears, when what they really need is a safe place to live and a place to go to school.” Continue reading.

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