Scientist Eyes Latest NASA Findings

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Geoffrey Lovelace

In July, Geoffrey Lovelace, a Cal State Fullerton assistant professor of physics, received the answer to a question he had pondered since childhood: What does Pluto look like? With NASA's release of photos taken from its New Horizons spacecraft, the world was finally able to feast their eyes on images of Pluto.

"It was always this thing that was out there, but so hard to see," Lovelace said. "We are seeing something brand new that no one has ever seen before."

In just the past few months, NASA has released never-before-seen photos of Pluto and announced the discovery of the most similar planet to Earth found thus far.

Lovelace, who is involved in CSUF's Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Center, believes these major feats, while interesting to modern society, will be of greater importance to future generations. Continue reading

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