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Grad Student Seeks Best Way to Water Avocado Trees

Fullerton Arboretum Is Her Living Laboratory

Miriam Morua, a biological science graduate student at Cal State Fullerton with a specialization in plant physiology, is looking to find the most efficient way to irrigate plants.

The hope is to increase plant productivity while lowering water use.

Instead of focusing on irrigating plants based on the atmosphere or soil as most do, Morua is researching the best method to record how much water each plant specifically needs, she said.

As part of her master's thesis project, Morua will spend the summer at the Fullerton Arboretum researching the best continuous measure for irrigation scheduling. She's doing this by focusing on the arboretum's avocado trees.

Avocado trees are a challenge because they have shallow roots that are mainly on and just below the surface of the soil. Continue reading.

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