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New Nixon Files Released

Newly released correspondence between the public and President Richard Nixon's White House provides another viewpoint of the issues that concerned the nation at the time, including the War in Vietnam, the economy and civil rights.

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum on Wednesday released 12,000 pages of textual materials, including correspondence spanning from 1969 to 1974.

The Nixon Library, one of 13 Presidential libraries run by the National Archives, opened about 4,000 pages of declassified documents in its latest release of material from Nixon's administration.

"A number of textual materials previously withheld from public access, have been reviewed for release or declassified," said Gregory Cumming, a library spokesman.

Matthew Bustos, a history graduate student at Cal State Fullerton, has spent countless hours conducting research on Nixon's native American policies.

"I've held documents that are signed by Richard Nixon. I think that's really kind of neat," Bustos said. "As a historian, we are always reading books or looking at different things, but to actually get a chance to hold something like that is really unique." Continue reading.

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