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$5 Million to Santa Ana Partnership

Partnering to Increase Higher Education Access in the Santa Ana Unified School District

Cal State Fullerton and its partners in the Santa Ana Partnership were recently awarded a $5 million Award for Innovation in Higher Education by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The partnership, formed in 1983, is an educational collaboration between CSUF, UC Irvine, Santa Ana College and the Santa Ana Unified School District that focuses on providing and increasing higher education access for low-income and underrepresented students in the Santa Ana Unified School District.

“It’s not one single program,” said Melba Castro, director of educational partnerships at CSUF. “It’s a combination of programs, initiatives and policy work coming together under a larger umbrella of the Santa Ana Partnership.”

In its application for the award, the partnership said the Santa Ana Unified School District has the highest dropout rate in Orange County at 9.6 percent.

Nearly 90 percent of Santa Ana students qualify for free or reduced-price meals; 56 percent of students’ parents are not high school graduates; 47 percent of students are limited English speakers; and 67 percent of families’ primary language spoken at home is Spanish, according to the partnership. Continue reading.

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