Twins Reared Apart: New Documentary

Identical twins, Samantha (Sam) Futerman and Anais Bordier, were born in Busan, South Korea on November 19, 1987. No one knows why, but the twins were separated at birth. Samantha was adopted by a couple living in Verona, New Jersey and Anais was adopted by a couple living in Paris, France. Neither family knew that they were raising part of a twin pair.

A new documentary film—Twinsters—tells the amazing story of how these twenty-five-year-old twins discovered one another. The film opened nation-wide on July 31. I prefer not to give away all the wonderful details, but the discovery happened because of the Internet. Briefly, one of the twins (Sam) is an actress, now living in Los Angeles. She had posted an online video of her theatrical work that was seen by someone who knew the other twin (Anais). The twins’ identical looks were remarkable, as were other details about their lives, so much so that they had to get together.

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