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New Aging Concentration Benefits Graduate Students

Feb. 23, 2015

David Chenot CSUF Chair and Associate Professor of Social Work

“The new aging concentration adds an aspect to the master of social work program that is driven by the needs of the community,” says David Chenot, chair and associate professor of social work.

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A concentration in aging is now being offered as part of the master of social work program.

"The announcement is a welcome development and one that fits into the greater academic interest in social work," said David Chenot, chair and associate professor of social work, who noted that interest in this area has increased significantly over the last few years — in large part due to the burgeoning aging population in United States. "Currently there are not enough social workers in the workforce to provide relevant services to this group," he added.

The new program will "educate master of social work students to meet the needs of older adults and their families as professional social workers after they graduate," he explained.

"The need for more professional social workers who focus on the aging population links directly to the first goal of the CSUF Strategic Plan," said Chenot, referencing the University's efforts to be responsive to workforce needs. "The aging concentration plays a vital role in helping to fill the gap in the workforce and, most importantly, to meet the needs of the aging population in Orange County and beyond."

President Mildred García approved the new six-unit aging concentration, following the recommendation of the Academic Senate in December. The concentration was introduced this spring.

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