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Meet Koren Fisher

Kinesiologist Studies Physical Activities and Health Services Utilization Among Older Adults

Feb. 23, 2015

As a doctoral candidate at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, Koren Fisher focused on health and fitness in the aging population.

"I'm interested in the relationships between physical activity, health and health service utilization among older adults," said Fisher, who is originally from Calgary, Canada. "Prior to earning my Ph.D. I managed a community-based resource center where we promoted the importance of movement and exercise, so physical activity has always been the central focus of my research interests."

Fisher, who joined the College of Health and Human Development last fall as an assistant professor of kinesiology, has garnered awards for her scholarly work, and her research related to physical activity in older women, health status in community-dwelling older adults and class-based versus home-based physical activity has been widely published.

Along with her work in physical activity and health promotion, Fisher's broad background in kinesiology includes serving as an ice skating coach, teaching postsecondary courses in exercise physiology, fitness assessment and exercise counseling, and instructing undergraduates and graduates in kinesiology research methods. And, in addition to her doctorate, Fisher earned a master's degree in kinesiology and health science at York University in Toronto, Ontario, and two bachelor's degrees in physical education and education at the University of Calgary.

"I chose Cal State Fullerton because of its well-respected gerokinesiology program," said Fisher, noting that this is her first teaching job in the U.S. "CSUF researchers have been and continue to be pioneers in the area of gerokinesiology. In fact, landmark gerokinesiology research studies completed at CSUF have significantly contributed to the development of my research agenda over the past several years."

"There are tremendous opportunities to do research at CSUF and to collaborate with faculty and students," said Fisher. "It's also great to see that there are a lot of amazing mentors here for kinesiology students."

Fisher, taking a cue from one of her own mentors, plans on inviting students into her research and providing a good balance of teaching in the classroom and fieldwork.

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