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Biotech Researcher No.1 in the CSU

Wins Top Undergraduate Award for Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Jan. 27, 2015

To see the impact of Cal State Fullerton’s foundational commitment to undergraduate research, consider senior Ashley Chui.

This year’s winner of one of California State University’s top biotech research awards, which she received Jan. 10 at the 27th annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium in Santa Clara, Chui stressed the undergraduate research experiences she received as a Titan.

"What I enjoy most about research is the critical thinking that it involves and the problem solving it requires. I enjoy the research I'm doing because it's interdisciplinary, and exposes me to different research techniques in both biology and physical chemistry," said Chui, set to graduate this spring.

Michael D. Bridges, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry and Chui’s faculty mentor, called her a "first-rate undergraduate researcher and student."

“I'm very proud of Ashley. It's a well-deserved award for this exceptional student," he said.

Chui began working with Bridges in 2012 as part of the Research Careers Preparatory Program that introduces students to research opportunities.

“Dr. Bridges has been extremely hands-on in my research project’s progress, yet he has taught me to independently design my own experiments," said Chui, a co-author on a recently submitted paper — her first — to a peer-reviewed academic journal.

"He has challenged me as an undergraduate researcher to be proactive.” "This award represents the quality of research that CSUF prides itself in," said Chui. "I hope winning this award inspires other students involved in undergraduate research.”

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