Mildred García: Cheering On Those Who Shatter Glass Ceilings

President Mildred Garcia

CSUF President Mildred García

After cutting off her ponytails, the 12-year-old tucked what was left of her hair under her baseball cap and proceeded to try out for Little League posing as a boy. The year was 1950, and Kathryn Johnson had no idea she was about to become the first girl in history to make a Little League team, but she did instinctively know she’d be forced to quit if anyone discovered her secret.

Alas, she was right, and less than a year later, Little League officially banned girls. Thankfully, the rule wasn’t passed until Kathryn finished the season, which can be attributed to what I consider the great equalizer when it comes to social change: mentorship and support. In Kathryn’s case, it was her family and coach who encouraged her to break from the norm, break some records and above all, break the glass ceiling.

Today, nearly 70 years later, while girls are now welcome on Little League teams, glass ceilings continue to impede progress for girls, women and people of color, underscoring our collective responsibility to mentor and support them. Continue reading in the Orange County Register.

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