The Brangelina Split: Communications Expert Examines the 'Old Hollywood' Couple

Vanessa Diaz

Vanessa Diaz, assistant professor of communications, is an expert on pop culture and celebrities.

‘Old Hollywood’ mystique takes a hit with Tuesday’s announced split of Brangelina, says Vanessa Diaz, assistant professor of communications.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt aren’t the average Hollywood celebrity couple falling out of love.

Together they managed to walk a path that was public when it served their purposes — as when Jolie revealed in a 2013 New York Times Op-Ed that she had a double mastectomy to raise breast cancer awareness — and private when they chose to be. And rather than nurture Instagram followers, they chased their creative passions.

“They came from an era before celebrities were doing their own social media,” said Diaz, who specializes in pop culture and celebrities. “What celebrity means, looks like, sounds like, is changing. All of the changes in media, like reality TV, make it so Brangelina is one of the last Hollywood kind of couples. Two of the biggest movie stars coming together.”

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