Mildred García: America Personified on Olympic, Commencement Stages

A few weeks ago, while catching up with family on Facebook, a post from my niece caught my eye. It was about the United States’ Olympic women’s gymnastics team, complete with a photo of the diverse young athletes, their smiles as bright as the gold medals they playfully clenched between their teeth.

But what struck me most was that these women looked like the students of California State University, Fullerton, their radiant smiles reminiscent of the beaming faces we see every year on our commencement stage. In fact, replace the gold medals and Team USA jackets with newly conferred degrees and graduation regalia, and the image would fit right in with the thousands of selfies and snapshots taken in celebration of the more than 10,000 degrees we conferred in May. Continue reading in the Orange County Register.

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