Fox Theatre to Host Budding Entrepreneurs

Fullerton’s historic Fox Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 9, will host college students with aspirations of a becoming entrepreneurs in entertainment and arts industries, along with mentors offering advice on making their dreams a reality.

The inaugural CWM Fest 2016 is a daylong event in which professionals in a variety of media and entertainment roles will serve as panelists, sharing their knowledge on the business side of the industry, said event organizer Rudy Chavarria, the owner of College Web Media.

Cal State Fullerton lecturer and director of the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship, John B. Jackson, will speak at the event.  

“A lot of people talk about starting a business, but most don’t,” Jackson said. “I’m going to be talking about that philosophy of doing it ... It’s one thing to have a hobby and another thing to make a car payment.”

Panel speakers include Jowanna Lewis, owner of the 24-hour online radio station, KSCR; Glyness Pruett, owner of Fullerton’s Comic Book Hideout; and Shelly Yakus, a music mixer/engineer and former vice president and chief engineer at A&M Records.

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