García: How Where You Go Becomes Home

As a native New Yorker, it is difficult for me to truly lose myself in the holiday spirit without visiting my old stomping grounds. From tree-lighting to ball-dropping, many of my favorite holiday memories are tied to the Big Apple, and while many of my closest friends and family no longer live there, the gravitational pull of the city’s holiday magic seems to draw us back in.

However, since joining California State University, Fullerton, the Titan holiday traditions have become equally fulfilling, so much so that for the first time since I can remember, this past holiday season, I did not visit New York City. What I found was that in its own unique way, our campus community and Orange County as a whole illuminate the holiday spirit as much as the tree in Rockefeller Center does. They warm the soul (and satisfy the sweet tooth) as much as a piping hot chocolate in Central Park and ring in the new year with as much pomp and circumstance as Times Square’s ball drop.

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