CSUF Grad, Actor From Irvine the Antichrist's Pal on 'Damien'

For some actors, the ambition to be the lead of a TV show or movie (AKA “No. 1 on the call sheet”) is a top goal. For others, meaty, supporting roles better fit the bill.

Omid Abtahi, who grew up in Irvine and graduated from Cal State Fullerton, falls in the latter camp.

“I feel like playing the hero would put a lot of pressure on my shoulders,” he said recently while promoting A&E’s “Damien” (10 p.m. Monday). “I’ve been No. 1 on the call sheet before (in 2008’s indie feature ‘Ocean of Pearls’) and as much as I loved it, now looking back, I remember feeling a lot of pressure and thinking, what if this movie is not good? What if people don’t like me? It felt like a lot to me.” Continue reading in the Orange County Register.



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