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Bumpy Road Leads to Desert Classroom of Wonder

Justine Perez

Justine Perez

"Goosebumps appeared on my skin from the chill in Death Valley, and they had never felt so good. After a long two hours of sitting in the same position, 26 miles began to feel like an eternity; the road was bumpy, unlevel and unpaved," writes Cal State Fullerton senior biological science major Justine Perez in a Feb. 18 Orange County Register 'Titan Voices' column on her experience traveling to Death Valley.

"I had seen Racetrack Playa in pictures, but the ancient lakebed looked even more surreal in person. Not many people are willing to travel the long gravel road to visit this playa, so we had it all to ourselves — a dozen of us altogether, including our professors, Darren Sandquist of the Biological Science Department and Jeffrey Knott of Geological Sciences. They devised the 'Geology-Biology Collaborative Field Investigations in Death Valley and the Mojave Desert,' and we were the first students to go."

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